Our heartfelt thanks for all the lovely things you’ve been saying about Make My Day! Here’s just a few…


Brilliant! Extraordinary!

(aged 60, Rawtenstall)


I loved all of it, I made a mask and saw an oompah band! Awesome!

(aged 5, Windermere)


Even without my kids there, there was so much to have a go at. Brilliant!

(aged 55, Morecambe)


Fabulous! I built a mermaid in wood!

(aged 11, Lancaster)


We loved the mask making and boat making. We made a boat! Crafty 🙂

(aged 10, 12 and 14, Buckley, North Wales)


I made a minecraft creature! Brilliant!

(aged 69, Salford)


Incredible collection of activities. Well done everybody involved. I didn’t want to go home. It was like a creative theme park. Absolutely brilliant! I’m looking forward to next year already. Well worth the short journey from Rawtenstall!

(aged 56, Rawtenstall)


The activities and the atmosphere, just everything, blooming marvellous!

(aged 49, Morecambe)


Free activities! Great atmosphere and community, and I helped my daughter make a wooden pug! Such fun!

(aged 42 & 11, Heysham)


Loved the enthusiasm and patience of the artists who worked with my children on their creations. The contemporary design of the festival (promotional materials, signage, colour scheme etc), the well planned and organised art activities which were accessible to a range of ages and abilities… (my kid’s creations look great in my house!)

(aged 4, 5 & 41, Morecambe)


Lots of fun, hands on activities using tools. Engaging, fun and imaginative!

(aged 6, Lancaster)


I really enjoyed the mask-making, the whole day was fun-filled and adventurous!

(aged 4, Sedbergh)


We loved all of it from start to finish. The venues were superb, the organisers super friendly, the activities excellent fun and so imaginative. The variety of entertainment brilliant. I didn’t have any kids with me but thoroughly enjoyed it. The punch n Judy were awesome, and the jellyfish girls were stunning and enigmatic. Loved the clogger’s too. Can’t wait to see them all again.

(aged 50, Heysham)


Very welcoming with fun activities. I had a baby in my arms & a 3 year old with me & the people running the activities were happy to help me. My ‘big’ girl – she was delighted. My sister had told me it was a great event but I still didn’t expect it to be as much fun as we had. Dancing etc xx

(aged 30, Morecambe)


I loved hearing the laughter and kids shouting “Grandpa, let’s do this!” Everyone building things even in the pouring rain! Incredibly inventive family fun!

(aged 55, Morecambe)


I took my son who is a nightmare to take anywhere and he had a great time!!

(aged 4 & 27, Penrith)


I didn’t have any kiddies to take, so I squeezed into the photo booth and had my dog on my knee too, it was all fantastic!

(aged 50, Heysham)