Meet Our Makers – Rosie Tacon-Glass

Introducing… Lancaster collage artist Rosie Tacon-Glass who is one of the artists working with us on Make My Day!

Rosie has written a lovely poem for us by way of introduction and to mark Make My Day, with accompanying art work made in collaboration with Alan Outram.

And the Children Play

Wet squeaks of small feet in jelly shoes
Preceded browned wiry bodies
That slid each in turn off a rusty ladder
For another jump into the salt pool.

Mothers sprawled out
Lathered in oil upon
The limestone beach, watching halfheartedly
Over brims of books.

Ours, emerged from the rhythmic percussion on rock
complete with net bag, A proud octopus wielding Aphrodite.

Sprayed salted air, made soggy
abandoned sandwiches on the boundary that
Held back sea.

Underwater, jagged beds sloped
alarmingly quickly into murky depths,
laced with an army of black urchins and limpets.

For the waves had washed all else away…